Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bring on the Rain...

Last night I opened our front door so that we could listen to the rain and the house would cool down. Liam wanted to stand on the porch and watch the rain. Before I knew it he was soaked and playing in the rain. I really didn't have time to object, so instead, I photographed it! At the end of it all he looked at me and said "I think I'm wet." The picnic ones are from lunch today. Liam and Maddox are such good buddies.
I edited a lot of these...let me know what you think...I am really starting to love my camera! I hardly used my automatic setting for these pictures so the lighting is a little off on some of them.

I am awesome.

Funny thing Liam just said...

Tonnie had sent Liam a shirt that said U of I am awesome. It is supposed to look like a University type shirt. Anyways, here is our conversation this morning...

Me- "Which of these shirts do you want to wear today Liam?" (I am holding up 3 shirts.)
Liam- "Ummmm...well...(2 second pause)...I AM AWESOME!!! CAUSE MOMMY, I AM AWESOME!!!"

I have no idea how he knew what the shirt said but he was very confident that he was awesome. When your right, your right.