Monday, April 27, 2009

And it begins...

Lately Liam has started something I must say that I am not a huge fan of. Well, actually 2 things. 1st thing- "Mama, I want my gawk." (Liam for milk)"Your milk is on the table, go get it." "No, Mama do." "No, Liam do." "NO!MAMA DO!!!!" NOT COOL. I thought I had at least 5 years before he started ordering me around. 2nd thing- "Mama, I wann jello beas pwease." "No Liam. You have had enough jelly beans today." "My ask Dada."...WHAT!? He is already playing me and Bill!! What a smart little kid! Bill and I are going to have to be on our A game for this one.
Also, on the "gawk" thing. Very funny. I find myself speaking "Liam" a lot. "Liam, would you like some gawk?" I cant remember the last time I actually called milk, milk. I called it "gawk" at work the other day and my boys lost it. They thought it was so funny that I am now speaking "Liam".

Sunday, April 26, 2009

David Turner

I am not done with you yet. No Sir! I wasn't going to blog about this but you have been so heavily on my mind and I wanted you to know that. For some reason I am not good at picking up the phone and telling you that I love you so much and it terrifies me that you wont be here forever. Please try to stay healthy. I want Liam to know you and love you like I do. I named him after you because of how much I admire about you and the man you are. I love you Dad.

"Mama, I see two dogs..."

So yesterday was Bill's birthday. Happy 26th Dada. So Bill is in Vegas for the weekend and I am home alone with Liam. Hopefully he is going to come back a rich man. Mama needs a trip home. It is probably just that my house is so darn quite right now (Liam is asleep.) but I seriously need a family fix. I did not grow up in a quite house. I don't know what to do with the silence. I always thought I would grow up and live down the street from my parents. (and I assumed this would be in Texas) Life is so strange. I read a quote the other day that keeps playing in my head..."If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans for the future." So true. Who knew that guy from my 9th grade English class would the father of my future son!? (I seriously thought he was cute but most likely did drugs...maybe is was the black nirvana shirts and chain wallet!? LOL!)It is just so strange how things turn out. I miss my family.
Liam and I had a good day though. Aunt Lisa came over to play. We went to lunch and to Art in the Square in Southlake. Good times. Liam got some super cute new flip flops and clothes from Gymboree. He also managed to point out EVERY dog and made me stop so he could get out to pet them. Suddenly he is a real dog lover. It makes me wonder if he was switched at birth with my "real" son. Maybe he gets that from you Tonnie?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Chatty Cathy...

Wow, Jack we have got to take more pictures together! I could only find this one and a few other family photos that you are in! Happy Birthday baby brother!
Happy Birthday Aunt Kate!
Liam this time last has he grown up!!!
Liam loves you Grandpa! Happy Birthday old man!

Good Golly, can my kid talk?! Lately he just will not be quiet. At lunch I was trying to get him to eat and he would not stop saying "Mama, I wan jelo bun". I had no idea what that meant. "Just eat your lunch please Liam." "No Mama! I wan jelo bun! JELO BUN!! JELO BUN!!!" "Fine Liam, show me what you want." So he gets down from the table and runs over to the counter. I pick him up and he grabs...drum roll please....JELLY BEANS! Of course! Jelo bun clearly means jelly beans!!! Mom, this is so your grandson! He loves himself some jelly beans.
Speaking of my parents....HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! I love you! I wish I could have been with you today! This world is way too big and you are way too far away.
Jack, I doubt you read this, but Happy Birthday to you too! I love you bro. Come see me. Aren't you supposed to be a God parent?!
And just in case I dont get back on this thing by Sunday, Happy Birthday Aunt Kate! We hope you have a fabulous day!!!
Gosh, people need to slow down with the procreating in July/August!!!