Friday, April 10, 2009

Chatty Cathy...

Wow, Jack we have got to take more pictures together! I could only find this one and a few other family photos that you are in! Happy Birthday baby brother!
Happy Birthday Aunt Kate!
Liam this time last has he grown up!!!
Liam loves you Grandpa! Happy Birthday old man!

Good Golly, can my kid talk?! Lately he just will not be quiet. At lunch I was trying to get him to eat and he would not stop saying "Mama, I wan jelo bun". I had no idea what that meant. "Just eat your lunch please Liam." "No Mama! I wan jelo bun! JELO BUN!! JELO BUN!!!" "Fine Liam, show me what you want." So he gets down from the table and runs over to the counter. I pick him up and he grabs...drum roll please....JELLY BEANS! Of course! Jelo bun clearly means jelly beans!!! Mom, this is so your grandson! He loves himself some jelly beans.
Speaking of my parents....HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! I love you! I wish I could have been with you today! This world is way too big and you are way too far away.
Jack, I doubt you read this, but Happy Birthday to you too! I love you bro. Come see me. Aren't you supposed to be a God parent?!
And just in case I dont get back on this thing by Sunday, Happy Birthday Aunt Kate! We hope you have a fabulous day!!!
Gosh, people need to slow down with the procreating in July/August!!!

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  1. In case everyone in the above pictures are looking Bob and I also wish you a Happy Birthday!