Saturday, November 28, 2009

Toms Shoes

is a beautiful charity. Check it out.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The last rock...

Something happened a few nights ago. Liam was overly tired and having trouble falling asleep. I went into him room to try and calm him. I crawled into his little toddler bed and tried to cuddle him. It was not going to happen. I do not fit in a toddler bed. So I asked him if he wanted to go into the living room and rock in the rocking chair. Of course he did. I sat down and he climbed up on me. We tried to get comfortable. I tried to hold him like a baby. DIDN'T WORK. I held him on my chest, his head on my shoulder. DIDN'T WORK. No matter how we tried to get situated, he was just too big. We finally had to give up and lay on the couch together. As we lay there on the couch, it occured to me that at some point over the past few months, we had had our last rock. I tried to remember it and think perhaps I did pinpoint it. The point is, I will never (comfortably) rock my baby again. Where does the time go? I didn't even notice until then that Liam had grown that much in the past few months. I wish I could slow the clock a bit. This is just going too fast.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The obligatory "what I am thankful for" post...

This year (as every year of my life) I have a lot to be thankful for. Last night I got to see my little brother for the first time in over 2 years. It was great. He moved to the States from Australia a few months ago to join the army. The army was going to require that he give up his Australian citizenship so he decided not to join. Long story, short, he is a truck driver now! I have been so looking forward to a chance to see him and yesterday that chance arrived. I went and picked him up at a truck stop on the other side of Dallas. He looked exactly like the last time I saw him. You know that you really love somebody when no matter how much time goes by, nothing has changed. Just thinking about him now is making me teary eyed which is exactly what I am thankful for. I am thankful that I have such a great little brother that I cry when I think of how much I miss him. And I am thankful that my sister Taryn and her boys were able to join us for dinner. It was like a mini family reunion for me.

It was so great to see Jack and I hope that it isn't another 2 years before I see him again. This world is far too big and my family is far too spread out.
In pictures here are some of the other things I am thankful for...excuse Liams boogers in the football pics, poor kid was sick.

I guess, in short, I am thankful for all the "little people" in my life, Liam in particular. I am thankful for my boys. I am thankful for my man. I am thankful for my family and my friends. I am thankful that Liam has gotten to know his cousins. I am thankful for Tonnie and everything she does for us. I am thankful that I have so much to be thankful for. The world can be such a beautiful place when you are surrounded with beautiful people. Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Too Yummy Tuesday...

I need some new recipes. Here are the keys...simple, quick, and yummy. So, to encourage this recipe sharing I will post my favorite recipe....

Chicken Enchilads:

1. Boil 4-5 boneless, skinless chicken breast until they are cooked through.
2. Shred the chicken into a large mixing bowl.
3. Add a bar of cream cheese to the mix.
4. Add a can of rotel to the mix.
(I also add whatever fresh salsa ingredients I have: cilantro, tomatoes, onion, lime...)
5. Add 1.5 or so cups of fiesta/mexican blend cheese to mix.
6. Pour half can of LARGE can of enchilada sauce in mix.
7. Stir together everything in the mix.
8. Fill tortillas (usually about 8) with mix and put in baking dish.
9. Pour rest of enchilada sauce over top.
10. Sprinkle top of tortillas with cheese.
11. Bake at 350 degrees until cheese on top is bubbly.

Too Yummy!

Now what do you have that is too yummy?!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Not Me Monday...

Who lets her child run arround in his pajamas until noon? Then lets them watch movies instead of playing outside in the beautiful weather? I mean really, stellar parenting. Who would do this?

Not me.
Who lets their kitchen emplode with dishes and instead of doing them, blogs about not doing them?

Not me.
Who decorates for Christmas while still having up Halloween decorations? Thats just tacky. Who would do that?

Defiently, not me!
Who has a child that is so addicted to television that while he wants to be in the picture with his super cute cousins, he cant take his eyes off the movie?! (While still wearing pjs!)

I am not that mother!
And lastly, who has a 2 year old that would dare to throw himself on the ground in a fit?! I mean, my child never has to go to time out, for say...hitting his cousin for absolutly no reason. Who has a 2 year old that acts, well, like a two year old?

Pretty sure that is not me. My son is a perfect angel all the time. He would never do such things.

Phew, confessional over. Thanks McMamma for being my blogging priest.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cry, that will freak em out...

So Tuesday while the kids (Luke, Logan, Liam, and age order.)played outside I decided that I would clean my kitchen. I mean really CLEAN my kitchen. I swept the floor, mopped the floor. Repeat. Then scrubbed the counters. Then the sink. All dishes done and put away. Then just to make me "super mom", I threw together a cake mix and put it in the oven to cook while the kids and I did our "learning". AnYwAys...flash forward to today. My kitchen looks like a bomb went off! Dishes EVERYWHERE. Floor covered with crumbs. The cake I had made was gone and just the empty pan was left...for me to wash...I never even had a bite. (Probably a good thing really.) The stress of my efforts gone bad was beating me down hard. I was all but begging the boys to clean the playroom back up. (I had cleaned that Tuesday too.) Nothing. My pleas were falling on deaf ears. Even Bill was ignoring me.(HE WAS SLEEPING IN!) My head was starting to spin around and I was expecting steam to come out of my ears at any minute. Then it happened...I started to cry. WOW! That was the answer all along! Who knew?! The boys instantly cleaned the room up...while looking at me like I was a little crazy. I am not sure if they felt bad for me or if they were just scared. Either way, it got the job done. Liam stopped whinning. Bill got up and hugged me and told me that clearly I was overstressed and that I shouldnt cook tonight. He didnt want me to make more of a mess that I would have to clean. He told me to treat Liam and myself to Central Market. (My favorite!) That is why I love the man. And now, everything is all better. My playroom is clean. I have been hugged, reassured and treated. The boys are playing happily outside. They are still all being super sweet to me, and are probably a little scared I might burst in to tears at any moment. I am sitting on a chair typing this and watching them play. I will still have to clean my kitchen but at least I know how to get results now. So here is my word of advice to all moms at the end of their proverbial rope....CRY! It really freaks em out!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pee Pee in the Potty

That's right son is potty trained! It is official. I no longer have a baby. This past week Liam decided that he was done wearing diapers. I can take no credit for this latest milestone. My genious child did this all on his own. He even woke up this morning with a dry diaper after a full nights sleep. When I got him out of bed I asked him if he wanted to use the potty. He told me no, he just wanted cereal. I poured the cereal and left him in the kitchen while I went to my room to get dressed. A few minutes later he came running in. "Mommy I have lots of pee pee and it's ready to come out! I need to pee pee on the potty!" Amazing. Who knew potty training could be so easy. I think the key to it was the fact that we put ZERO pressure on him. Of course us giving him a jellybean everytime he pees in the potty might not be hurting either. :) (On come on, you knew I was going to try to take some credit somehow!)To add to the big boy effect, Liam is now also sleeping in a bed. Yup, my baby is a kid. He talks constantly and for his age, pretty clearly. He pees in a potty and wears underwear. He sleeps in a bed. Its over, there is no baby in my house anymore. A little boy is now sleeping in the bed that used to be a crib, that used to hold my tiny baby. Don't get me wrong. I am very excited to see what the future holds for me and my little boy. I am eager to see him grow into the man he will become. Everyday with Liam in my life has been a blessing. Every step and milestone has been exciting and a joy to be part of. (Well, lets not count the teething...)Time is sure flying. I blinked and now he is an independent, talking, potty using, little boy. I am sad the ride is going so fast, but I am truly enjoying every minute of it! Good job Liam! I am so proud of my big boy!