Monday, November 23, 2009

Not Me Monday...

Who lets her child run arround in his pajamas until noon? Then lets them watch movies instead of playing outside in the beautiful weather? I mean really, stellar parenting. Who would do this?

Not me.
Who lets their kitchen emplode with dishes and instead of doing them, blogs about not doing them?

Not me.
Who decorates for Christmas while still having up Halloween decorations? Thats just tacky. Who would do that?

Defiently, not me!
Who has a child that is so addicted to television that while he wants to be in the picture with his super cute cousins, he cant take his eyes off the movie?! (While still wearing pjs!)

I am not that mother!
And lastly, who has a 2 year old that would dare to throw himself on the ground in a fit?! I mean, my child never has to go to time out, for say...hitting his cousin for absolutly no reason. Who has a 2 year old that acts, well, like a two year old?

Pretty sure that is not me. My son is a perfect angel all the time. He would never do such things.

Phew, confessional over. Thanks McMamma for being my blogging priest.

1 comment:

  1. LOL, I'm not sure what's funnier-- the clashing Halloween/Christmas decorations, or the picture of the naked baby above the fireplace?!?!

    I do *not* have a similar scantily-clad picture of my daughter as a newborn very prominently displayed in my living room!