Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cry, that will freak em out...

So Tuesday while the kids (Luke, Logan, Liam, and age order.)played outside I decided that I would clean my kitchen. I mean really CLEAN my kitchen. I swept the floor, mopped the floor. Repeat. Then scrubbed the counters. Then the sink. All dishes done and put away. Then just to make me "super mom", I threw together a cake mix and put it in the oven to cook while the kids and I did our "learning". AnYwAys...flash forward to today. My kitchen looks like a bomb went off! Dishes EVERYWHERE. Floor covered with crumbs. The cake I had made was gone and just the empty pan was left...for me to wash...I never even had a bite. (Probably a good thing really.) The stress of my efforts gone bad was beating me down hard. I was all but begging the boys to clean the playroom back up. (I had cleaned that Tuesday too.) Nothing. My pleas were falling on deaf ears. Even Bill was ignoring me.(HE WAS SLEEPING IN!) My head was starting to spin around and I was expecting steam to come out of my ears at any minute. Then it happened...I started to cry. WOW! That was the answer all along! Who knew?! The boys instantly cleaned the room up...while looking at me like I was a little crazy. I am not sure if they felt bad for me or if they were just scared. Either way, it got the job done. Liam stopped whinning. Bill got up and hugged me and told me that clearly I was overstressed and that I shouldnt cook tonight. He didnt want me to make more of a mess that I would have to clean. He told me to treat Liam and myself to Central Market. (My favorite!) That is why I love the man. And now, everything is all better. My playroom is clean. I have been hugged, reassured and treated. The boys are playing happily outside. They are still all being super sweet to me, and are probably a little scared I might burst in to tears at any moment. I am sitting on a chair typing this and watching them play. I will still have to clean my kitchen but at least I know how to get results now. So here is my word of advice to all moms at the end of their proverbial rope....CRY! It really freaks em out!

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  1. Cute story. They really do respond to tears sometimes.