Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gods Most Perfect Creation...

Here are the rest of my pictures. The park day was just this past Sunday. Liam and I had a Mommy and me park afternoon. That boy loves the park. And eventhough nobody probably cares, I TOOK ALL THOSE PICTURES WITH MANUAL SETTINGS!!! I am really learning to use my camera. LOVES IT! The flower is the best one so far! My teacher even used it as an example! Wahoo. Anyways, the ones of Liam and his 2 little friends are at our field trip to Cabelas to watch the fish get fed. Liam was really interested and listened very well. Maddox and Catelyn are 2 of his favorite buddies. The outdoor pics with the paint is at one of our Mothers Groups play dates. He had such a blast painting the fence and swimming! And then finally, the LAWN MOW!

Liam is such a good little boy. He is really my most precious gift.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Who knew???

Apparently not me.
My camera card reader has been broken for a while now. Thats why I haven't been uploading pictures. Anyways, turns out this whole time that my spiffy laptop has a built in camera reader! AMAZING! I love you Shiba! (I like to name things. My laptop is a Toshiba hence the name Shiba.)I am taking a class at the local rec. center to learn how to use my marvelous yet incredibly complicated camera and the built in card reader info is what I learned tonight! That right there lets me know it was money well spent!

Liam and his cousins playing in my bath/pool. Mimi and Grandpa were babysitting.

This is the first time my Dad and Liam had seen eachother in almost 2 years. Liam went straight to him and let him hold him forever. It must be the namesake...
Mom and I made a trip down to Seguin, Texas while she was here. This is my mom and our favorite cowboy Syd.

The last week of July we made a trip to Hayward, WI. The lake was really beautiful.

Liam and his Papa. This is where I believe Liams love for "lawn mows" began.

Liam at Wilderness Walk.
Bill and the Lama.
Bill and King Julian.
Liam and a dear.
Bill, Liam, Gigi and the dear.

Family fishing trip. It was actually really cool there. We had to buy some "winter clothes" up there because I thought all water in the Northern Hemisphere was warm in July.
Liam on his first fishing trip! He was so excited to be going!
Liam showing off his fishies. He actually caught about 10! He kept wanting to put them in the live tank and watch them swim.

While the boys slept on the plane ride home I partied! (If you know me well you know this must be a joke since I really dont drink beer.)
I have lots more to post but it is way too late and I must get to bed. I will post the rest asap. Goodnight.