Friday, September 4, 2009

"Did he just say that?! He couldnt have. I think he did!"

Liam has this great habbit of playing in the blinds. This is a no no as far as I am concerned. It is destructive and potentially dangerous therefor it is a no go. After repeatidly asking him to step away from the blinds and nobody would get hurt, it was time for time out.
Me- "Thats it. Go to time out Liam."
I pick him up off of the windowsill and out from behind the blinds. I place him in time out and start to walk away. He starts laughing at me.
Me- "This isn't funny Liam." (In my most stern, I'm not messing around kinda voice...)
Then I hear him say under his breath in a funny little voice-
Liam- "This isn't funny Liam..."
HE MOCKED ME!!! MY PERFECT, SWEET, LITTLE BABY WHO CAN DO NO WRONG MOCKED ME!!!! He even made fun of my "stern" voice. I am not prepared for what he is going to bring to the table...not even close.
Get ready world. Liam David Tobler who is equiped with dimmples, blonde hair, and a charming personality is also sarcastic and lets be honest...a bit of a smart ass! This might just be the perfect storm for every unsuspecting girl out there. I am a little worried for myself too, obviously.

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