Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gods Most Perfect Creation...

Here are the rest of my pictures. The park day was just this past Sunday. Liam and I had a Mommy and me park afternoon. That boy loves the park. And eventhough nobody probably cares, I TOOK ALL THOSE PICTURES WITH MANUAL SETTINGS!!! I am really learning to use my camera. LOVES IT! The flower is the best one so far! My teacher even used it as an example! Wahoo. Anyways, the ones of Liam and his 2 little friends are at our field trip to Cabelas to watch the fish get fed. Liam was really interested and listened very well. Maddox and Catelyn are 2 of his favorite buddies. The outdoor pics with the paint is at one of our Mothers Groups play dates. He had such a blast painting the fence and swimming! And then finally, the LAWN MOW!

Liam is such a good little boy. He is really my most precious gift.


  1. Where are you taking a photography class?

  2. I am taking them at the Roanoke Rec. How is Jack Jack?

  3. Is your instructor Tomas Mendoza? I took his class earlier in the summer...I learned sooo much. Jack is doing awesome! He will be 2 in 2 weeks! Can you believe that?!?!?

    You and Liam should come to his bday party. It will be at Johnson Road park on Oct 10 at 11 am.

  4. Yes, Tomas Mendoza! I am learning so much too! Loves it! I cannot believe he will be 2!! That is insane! Liam is almost 3! We would love to come to his party. Count us in!