Friday, May 14, 2010

My Sydney Sisterhood...

I have been thinking a lot about my new daughter. She is kicking me constantly now and has made her presence well known since the get go. If this pregnancy is any indication of how strong her will, will be, then I am downright scared!(She made me crave crab for god sakes!) I think back to when I was a teenager and shutter when I think about how I and some of my girlfriends were to our mothers. Even as an adult, I know so many women who do not get along with their mothers. I cannot think of one man who doesn't adore his Mommy. While Liam is quite close to his Daddy and I am pretty sure he considers him his best friend ever, I am quite confident in my position in his heart. You best not mess with Liam's Mommy if you don't want a good smack. I am pretty sure Liam learnt this from his father. Bill sure loves his Mommy too. So, therein lies my fear. I don't want my daughter to have a love/hate relationship with me. I want a shopping buddy, a pedicure pal, and a coffee conversationalist. Am I being to honest? Are these fears things I am not supposed to voice? Well, too bad I guess, cause I have never been especially gifted at knowing when to keep it to myself. So right now I am going to make the decision to have a marvelous love/love relationship with little Miss Sydney. Bring your worst sister, cause I am sure that my fear of your rejection is stronger than your will to rule the roost! You can make me puke for months on end, eat me alive with heartburn, turn my extremities into marshmallows, and make me consider eating what I would normally consider disgusting (all this before you are even born!) but you can't make me dislike you. I am going to love you. You and I are going to be great friends! Although I am willing to admit that I am wrestling with some anxieties, I am going to place my heart in the hope of all the joy and sisterhood you are going to bring to my world and in return I am going to give you extreme grace when your hormones are out of control, and love you no matter what. I am so excited to meet my Sydney.
Mom- This is in no way an indication of how I feel our relationship is. While our time together is limited, I treasure it. I wish it could be more. I miss you. I love you. Thanks for setting an example on how to love your daughter.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Sunday

This weekend was a good one. We spent a lot of good family time together. Bill grilled Saturday night. Dinner was delish. Then we all hung out in the backyard and played T-ball. Liam is quite the little sportsman. He may even be a switch hitter. I tried to snap some good pictures but my camera lens isn't quite equipped for twilight lighting...and if it is, I haven't figured it out yet. :) But none the less, here are those photos.

Then Sunday we ran errands and made a stop at the local PetSmart. Liam LOVES PetSmart!He wanders around and ogles at all the puppies, kitties, and fishies. He randomly exclaims "They are so adorable!" Its pretty adorable.
All in all it was a pretty great weekend. We are blessed to be able to be happy doing mundane things in our backyard. Not to mention, we are lucky to have the backyard we have. I love living on the golf course with all the extra room to run. I never thought when I was younger that I might say this but I actually think that I would like living in the country.
Anyways, I also never posted anything about a special day in our house that passed last week. Daddy turned 27! Happy Birthday Bill! Liam and I made him yummy German Chocolate cupcakes filled with cut up candy bars. I know that sounds weird but Bill saw it on a show and requested it...surprisingly good. Here are the pictures from that. We love you Bill/Daddy!

Heres to hoping that everybody else had a great weekend too! May the week fly by so that we can have another great weekend next weekend.