Monday, August 31, 2009

Swine Flue, The Army Recruit, and a Lawn Mow...

So my mom has swine read that correctly. SWINE FLU! She is fine, but wow. Mom, while I sympathize with you and would never want you to be ill...I cant stop myself from laughing everytime I say it outloud. I will be calling your promplty to call "sueeeeee" out to you. This would only happen to my mother! (well her and the other thousands who have had it...)Fear not over worrying family memebers who shall remain unnamed...she picked it up in Sydney after she left here. Mom, jokes aside, glad you are okay. We had a blast seeing you. We love you and wish the stinking United States would get some public health care so you could come home for good!

Speaking of coming home for good...JACK WELCOME HOME!!! I havent even talked to Jack yet, but according to my clock you should be just about to Colorado Springs, Colorado, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I am so looking forward to seeing Jack, but mostly showing Liam off to him. Jack hasnt seen Liam since he was 8 months old. Liam might as well be a totally different kid...and Jack has self proclaimed to be Liams godfather. For those of you who dont know, he is here to join the army. SCARY. I love my brother (obviously) and while I am terrified of this, I am so proud of him. I know this will be a positive thing for Jack. Please keep him in your prayers if you are the praying type. Colorado here is come! (well, unless he comes to Texas first!)

Now, for some Liam news...Gigi bought him a "lawnmow"!! Liam loves this! He is constantly outside riding it. He looks so cute! I will post pics asap. (my picture loader is broken currently) There is a new song by Jason Alden called "Big Green Tractor" and everytime I hear it now it makes me think of Liam and Camryn. So cute.
This morning I had given Liam some blueberries with his breakfast. He ate them all and then asked me for some more. I told him to eat the rest of his cereal and then I would get them. In the meantime, I got on facebook and forgot all about the blueberries. 15 minutes or so go by. Liam walks over to me. Puts his head on my lap. Gives me big puppy dog eyes and says "My Mama, I think you forgot" and hands me an empty bowl. SO FUNNY! He is such a little person now.

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