Friday, June 19, 2009

New pics and Update

Sorry I haven't posted much lately. I have been super busy. No job still but that hasnt slowed Liam down! He has been doing swim lessons and gymnastics. We also made a week long trip up to see Gigi, Nannie, and Papa. He loves going to Illinois! He also got to see his Dodo and Aunt Laurie. Oh, and of course the Hefters! Sam is his pal! I will post some of those pics below. Then after we got back from Illinois, Papa came to Texas to bring us a MINI VAN!!! Wahoo! Yes, I am that old... It is a sweet ride. Thanks Papa! Liam loves "his car"! While Pa was here we went to dinner at Outback and had a great visit with him. Then earlier this week Aunt Kate made a quick visit. He LOVES Kate!! Liam has been talking about her non stop this week. Kate, Liam really is your number one fan!

On the way to swim lessons yesterday Liam fell asleep. So when we got there I was trying to wake him up. All of a sudden he shot up, eyes real wide...
Liam -"I saw a dog!"
Me -"You saw a dog?"
Liam -"In my head! I saw a dog in my head!"
Me- "Oh, you were dreaming!"
So funny! It was the first time he has ever told me about a dream.

Yesterday was also a great day because my parents all of a sudden...BOOKED TICKETS TO COME SEE US!!!! I AM SO EXCITED! The last time they saw Liam he was 8 months old!I told him this morning that they are coming and since then he has been telling me "my Mimi gave me dis" to every toy he sees. He is so goofy. Mom should be here around the 4th of July! I can wait!!! That is next less than 2 weeks!!! My dad has buisness in California, so he wont come to Texas until probably the last week of July. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

On a less happy note...I thought Liam and I were going to die!! 2 weeks ago, a tornado acutally passed right over our house. Thankfully it didn't touch down, but it was still super scary! We hid out in shower. Liam was so confused. It was so loud, and we could hear the trees outside snapping. When it was over our backyard looked crazy. Liam kept saying "doz trees fell down"! Our neighbor lost part of his roof and another neighbor took an amazing picture of the twister. Crazy.

Well, thats everything I can think of for now. I hear Liam digging through the fridge, better run!

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  1. I love the pictures and especially the ones where Liam is smelling the flowers.