Monday, April 27, 2009

And it begins...

Lately Liam has started something I must say that I am not a huge fan of. Well, actually 2 things. 1st thing- "Mama, I want my gawk." (Liam for milk)"Your milk is on the table, go get it." "No, Mama do." "No, Liam do." "NO!MAMA DO!!!!" NOT COOL. I thought I had at least 5 years before he started ordering me around. 2nd thing- "Mama, I wann jello beas pwease." "No Liam. You have had enough jelly beans today." "My ask Dada."...WHAT!? He is already playing me and Bill!! What a smart little kid! Bill and I are going to have to be on our A game for this one.
Also, on the "gawk" thing. Very funny. I find myself speaking "Liam" a lot. "Liam, would you like some gawk?" I cant remember the last time I actually called milk, milk. I called it "gawk" at work the other day and my boys lost it. They thought it was so funny that I am now speaking "Liam".


  1. I am not a this what i am doing?? I am def your older sister...but i am hip...getting with the times. Liam looks so cute and lvoe the story about speaking Liam. Love you guys...Aunt Davia

  2. We love you! Come live with us!!! My house is too big and empty!

  3. He has only changed a LITTLE huh, since living in Australia with me! ? What a character! Definitely his Meme's grandson! Tell him Meme agrees jellybeans are yummy especially the reds ones! Miss you both so much! I will try to figure out facebook. I started a few months ago and set up an account but now I can't remember anything about it! It seems to be the best and probably only way to communicate with you other then the telephone. Emails must be old hat. Love you lots. Meme/Mom