Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ode to my Mommy...

I am a lucky girl. I was blessed to have a very loving mother. Mom, I really miss you and wish I was able to be with you more often. I love you and miss you! Happy Mothers Day!
Tonnie, even though you aren't my mommy, I am still blessed by you. Thanks for being a great grandma to my son! We love you. Happy Mothers day!

Today Liam and I skipped his nap. We had way too many fun things to do! First we went to Smoothie King. Liam loves smoothies! Then we were on our way to the park, when we passed Pet Smart. Liam loves Pet Smart! So we made a "quick" little stop there. Liam is such an animal lover! He made his way to EVERY animal in the place! He is particularly fond of the fish...which works for me. Last week, he got a new fish which he promptly named "Ming Ming". (in honor of his favorite Wonder Pets character...)He treats this fish like a dog, its hilarious. He had me put the fish on the fire place ledge, then he pushed his chair over to it, grabbed a few books, and began "reading" to Ming Ming. He is too cute! Anyways, after Pet Smart we made a stop at the park. He also loves the park! We probably go close to everyday! Then from there we dropped in on my Aunt Julia. Liam had a grand time there! He made himself right at home! He ate their pizza, drank their juice and then told me he was ready to go! I figured at that point it was better to just keep him up and put him to be slightly early. That didn't happen. Liam was unusually cuddly and sweet, so he "talked me into" staying up til 9pm. I am such a sucker. Then around 10pm I heard him crying for me. I went in and he said "Momma rock me like baby". How can you say no to that?! We sat in the dark rocking for a good 30 minutes until he was clearly asleep. It was great. I wish I could hold him like that forever. I cant believe how big he is getting so fast. He is the best thing in my life and its hard to see how fast the time is going. He may not be old enough to get me a mothers day gift, but I think today and tonight was his special little gift to me in some way. He is the best! I love being his Mom. Happy Mothers Day to me!

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