Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me Monday...

I would never allow Liam to trash his toy room. I am raising a neat and responsible child. I always make him put up one toy before he gets another one out. Messy is not an option.

I always fold my laundry and put it up right away. I would never fold it, leave it sitting on the couch until I want to sit there, and then move it back into the laundry room...still clean. Who would do that? Not me, that's for sure.

I always mail my Christmas cards BEFORE Christmas.
I would never have them sitting on my counter in January...especially one for somebody I love as much as my sister!

I would never catch Liam and Maddox jumping on the blow up mattress and instead of punishing them, photograph it.

Who would encourage this kind of behavior by taking pictures?! Not me! That is just irresponsible parenting.

I do not have a goofy kid who walks around with one rain boot on, and one on his friend. That would be just goofy.

I did not tell the boys to hug which caused my son, who does not know his own strength, to pull a wrestling move on his younger buddy.
My son is ALWAYS gentle.

And if I hypothetically told them to hold hands instead, my sweet child of course wouldn't pull his hand away like a punk.
Liam is ALWAYS loving.

In order to aplogize my 2yr old would not rub his friends hair and say "Sorry little buddy!"
Not my son. My son does not think he is that much older than his 10 month younger friend. Nor is my son that goofy.

And lastly, my son does not throw fits. He would never throw himself on the floor when his afore mentioned freind didn't like having his head rubbed.
Nope, not my son. My son does not go from laughing to crying in 2 seconds flat. My son is perfect.

And of course, I do not allow the toddlers in my care to run around in their pjs until lunch time. We are on a very regimented schedule.

This is REAL life.


  1. I am laughing out loud and not commenting any further. Oh, except, love the pictures of Liam.

  2. I am laughing so hard! I love this!!