Saturday, February 12, 2011

I need to slow down.

I had a fleeting thought this morning that lead me to more thoughts, that lead me to this blog. I was getting ready to go out when I noticed that my nail polish needed to be redone. I started thinking about trying to fit a little home mani/pedi into my schedule which lead me to consider painting Sydney's toenails. Thought. Thought pasted, and getting ready for the day continued. I spent today running around with girlfriends with Sydney in tow. When we got home I finally booked Liam's party at Chuck E. Cheeses. (Liam has insisted that this should be the location.)Liam is about to be four. Four years old. I cannot believe it. My baby boy is no longer a baby boy, but a boy. He is such a little person with such a personality and a huge vocabulary. I cannot believe that we are here already. I feel like I might as well start looking at colleges for him. So, here is my point....why am I in a hurry to paint her nails? Why have I asked Bill what he thinks about piercing her ears? Why do I catch myself daydreaming about shopping and sipping lattes with her? Sydney is a baby. In fact, Sydney is a tiny baby. Sydney weights approximately 13 pounds. Admittedly, Sydney is a lot of work right now, but my oh my, Sydney is a precious pleasure in my world. One day soon I will wake up and think "Man, I can't believe my baby girl is about to be four years old." I am going to miss that tiny baby girl when she is gone and I am left with a girl. Let me tell you, I miss that baby boy. I guess it is healthy to be excited about what the future will bring. I have thought often about how proud I will be on the day that I realise I have raised a good man. That day will come all too soon though. So right now, I am going to make a conscious effort to enjoy my baby and my four year old. This is a precious time. Everyday is a precious day. Life goes too fast and I need to slow done and ejoy this day.

Just because I can't say it enough...Aren't they gorgeous?!


  1. YES they stinkin' cute! Liam was such a doll at the party, several people had something nice to say about him as he walked by, whether it be "that kid is too funny" " he is so cute" " he and I hada nice conversation" and I witnessed him being so sweet to Bradford and another little girl. oh and of course Sydney is a DOLL!

  2. It is so true. Time goes by so quickly and we should enjoy each day because today will become tomorrow's memories.

  3. I was re-visiting and wanted to add that I especially love the picture of Liam and Sydney holding hands. It is so precious!