Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm a blogger

Alright world. Here he is. I am really going to get after this now. I am done wasting my time on myspace and facebook. I am going to really use my internet time wisely. Heres whats going on in our world...
Liam is constantly asking for a baby. "Mama, I wanna bebe." He sounds french. So we are driving home from work the other day and....
Liam- "Mama, I wanna bebe."
Tamara- "Not now Liam."
(A few seconds of silence. Liam was really thinking about this.)
Liam- "Mama, I wanna dog."
HILLARIOUS! He actually rationalized that if he couldnt talk me into a "bebe" perhaps he could swing a dog! My kid is so smart.

He is suddenly talking so much. He does things with such purpose. (Well as much purpose as a 2 year old can have.) Yesterday Kim had Camryn color a picture for her Grandparents and Liam decided to do the same. Then when we asked him who it was for (This kid has an abundance of Grandparents!) he thought and then clearly said "Dodo". So Dodo, expect some mail from Liam.

Its late, to bed I go. More soon. And pictures and videos too! I promise!

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