Friday, January 30, 2009


Bad news. I think I have finally figured out my camcorder. (Which you think would be good news!) Turns out that I have been formatting my disks wrong and I may not be able to upload them to a computer now. Oops! Big Oops! I ordered a program and if I am EXTREMELY lucky then I may be able to fix them. But I doubt it! So the good news is though, from here on out, I will format them the right way! So as soon as the program gets here (in 7- 10 business days) I will post some new videos of Liam online! I hate technology! (And nature Mom!)

At lunch today Liam noticed the bubbles in his sippy cup of milk. He looked at them and as clear as could be..."Bubbles!" Genius. How does he even know that word?! Maybe from the bath?? He also let me know his dislike for black olives. He had leftover pizza as part of his lunch. The pizza had olives. He picked them all off, put them all in his mouth at the same time and then spit them on the floor like a machine gun. Nice. "Yuck Mama!" So apparently raw onions are go, and not so much with black olives! He is really getting opinionated!

Its a gorgeous day here. Liam is currently down for his nap but as soon as he gets up we are going to play outside. I will take some correctly formatted video of him playing. Happy Friday!

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