Thursday, February 12, 2009

Like Father, Like Son...

We hit a milestone last Saturday. Not a milestone you might find in a baby book, but a milestone none the less. I will be blunt here...Liam said "shit". Yep, that's right read correctly. Bill was in the kitchen and we were making lunch. Liam was playing on the floor with a car. Bill tripped and almost feel over a toy and said "Oh shit". Then like a little parrot...Liam says quietly under his breath, with out even looking up, "shit". Nice. Good job Daddy. (I just like to say its Bills fault since I was lucky enough not to have been caught this time.) I was so stunned that I couldn't help but laugh. The word hasn't made a second appearance so that's a plus.

Today was a good day. Liam found his long lost (about a week) puppy Valentino under my bed. Valentino was our gift to Liam last Valentines and has been Liam's best friend ever since. Grammie likes to call him "Ruffles" and Bill occasionally refers to him as "Barky McSniff Sniff". Whatever you want to call him, Liam LOVES him. So after much joy about his find, Liam took Valentino outside to play. He sweetly put the puppy on his fire truck ride along and proceeded to push him around the porch. So cute.

Later today we were driving in the Hollidays tricked out suburban. Liam blurts out, "Mama, I wanna movie". Clear as could be! Once again, genious! I put on the movie "Cars". Liam loved it! He kept sceaming at the screen "Go! Go! Go!"

Sadly bedtime rolled around and Valentino was nowhere to be found. I did some deductive reasoning and found him outside in the bushes. Liam eagerly took him to bed. I will post a picture of Valentino ASAP. I need a new camera...any generous grandparents may send one at their earliest convenience! I am still working on the camcorder thing...patience please! Happy Valentines!

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