Wednesday, February 18, 2009

10 Favorites...

This is my current "Top Ten" list of things I love about Liam...

1. He doesn't cry in the mornings like most babies, instead we hear "MA MA! DA DA! PWEEZE!"
2. He pats my back and strokes my hair when I cuddle with him.
3. He saw that Camryn was hurt and went and hugged her and tried to comfort her.
4. When he tries to climb on the table to "me shmell" my roses.
5. He sees every train track we pass and calls out from his car seat, "CHOO! CHOO!"
6. When he is supposed to be sleeping and isnt, if you stand by his door you can hear him "conversing" with himself and his stuffed animals.
7. When he dances he always puts his hands under his underarms like he is doing the chicken dance...this can be to any song.
8. How hilarious he looks when he wears his helmet.
9. How he constantly holds onto my legs and puts his head between my legs and hangs there laughing hysterically.
10. His sweet smile and disposition. Some poor girl is going to be putty in his hands!

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