Sunday, February 15, 2009

"MY DO!"

Liam has suddenly become very independent. Everything is "MY DO!".
A few days ago:
Bill- "Let's get your socks and shoes buddy."
Liam starts running down the hall to his room. He notices that Bill is following him.
Liam-"MY DO! NO DA-DA!" and then proceeded to push Bill back.
He is feisty that is for sure! I guess I'm glad he is confident. He insists on trying everything himself. This ranges from socks and shoes to putting himself in his car seat.

Today we went to lunch and then to sonic for drinks. Liam insisted on holding his drink in the car. ("MY DO!") Yikes. We are talking about a bright red strawberry slush here! The CRV survived by the grace of God! Anyways, we are almost home and we look in the back and Liam is sound asleep still holding his drink. I reached back to grab it and the second I did, his eyes shot open. I got a bit of the stink eye and then back to bed he went. SO FUNNY. He means business.

Still working on the camcorder. Hopefully will be up and running by his birthday. Hope you all had a good Valentines. Liam was of course spoiled rotten. I got 2 dozen roses that Liam is constantly climbing on the table to "my shmell".

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