Wednesday, December 16, 2009

And we're back!

So I have a confession to make. I actually got my computer back last week. I actually typed up a good long blog about how much I love Christmas. BUT...then that afore mentioned blog took a depressing turn. I typed and I typed. I typed through teary eyes, with tears rolling down my cheeks. At the end, I deleted it. I didn't want to drag everybody else through my sadness or offend anybody with my clumsy words. But the truth is, if I dont say at least something about the elephant that will be in the Tobler living room Christmas morning that would be even sadder, even more offensive. I miss Gammie and it is going to be very hard to be at her house without her. I am sad for her family, and I am sad for my son. And clearly, I am sad for me. I wish she could see him now and of course he, her. I know exactly what she would be saying Christmas morning..."all those toys for just one little boy..." It is true. He will be spoiled. And Christmas will be great...but Gammie will be missed.
And then, there is my family. I always miss them so much at the Holidays and rather than not mention that too, I want them all to know it. I miss each and every one of you guys. I wish I could see you all more often. I wish our family wasnt so spread out. I know I have written this a million times but it never gets less real for me.
Now before the tears really start going again, I am going to focus on the good which of course means pictures of Liam...

Yup, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. It snowed in Texas about a week and a half ago! Liam thought it was great!

I found this the other night!

He helped me make rice krispy treats. He may have loved the marshmallow cream....

Christmas came a little early this year for Liam. Bill's dad made a stop in Texas and surprised Liam with a kitchen and tool bench. Liam loves them both!!

Merry Christmas! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

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  1. Tamara, What beautiful photos of Liam! And wow! what a cool Black and Decker tool kit. It is good to acknowledge the elephant but after that start counting your blessing beginning with your beautiful son. Your photos will be a great Christmas present to your family that can not be with you this year. Merry Christmas.