Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Toothfairy, Sea World, and the toe sucking baby...

Liam said the funniest thing to me tonight. I knew instantly that I had to blog it before I fogot it. I have always told Liam that if he doesn't brush his teeth that they will fall out. In the past, this has always horrified Liam. In fact, I have put Liam in his bed crying because he didn't want to go to bed and was throwing a fit without brushing his teeth before. Liam then became no longer upset about going to bed, but about his teeth potentially falling out. Horrified! Tonight was different however. Tonight when I told Liam it was time to brush his teeth he asked me quite seriously and politley if perhaps we could skip it tonight. This puzzeled me. "Why wouldn't you want to brush your teeth Liam?" Without skipping a beat..."Because if I don't brush my teeth, they might fall out, and then the toothfairy would come! She never comes when I brush my teeth. I need some cash money." Pure awesomeness. This child is willing to sell his teeth. I have a feeling I have a future millionaire on my hands. (And not just because I am going to win the lottery...possibly tomorrow.)I guess my threat is no longer good to him. Apparently I need to start discussing with him that money is not everything and that having teeth is pretty awesome. In fact, it has been my recent experience that good teeth cost a lot of money. Irony in this case. Anyways, future Liam I hope you have both beautiful teeth and money. And I hope that the "Tobler Toothfairy" can deliever, because I have a feeling Liam might be disappointed what I might value a tooth at. :)
A few more Australia pictures...I have an endless supply...

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  1. That is a cute story and I enjoyed the pictures.