Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Post Where I Try To Make Up For Not Blogging For A Month...

Big things are happening at our house. Miss Sydney Kate is getting so big! Any minute now Sydney is going to be walking and at any given moment she might have a mouth full of teeth. For document sake, Sydney took her first steps (two to be exact) on July 19th. I am so proud of her! We were hanging out in the living room, I looked over at her, standing independently, and she took two steps toward me before falling down. Since then, Sydney has taken a few steps here and there but I wouldn't call her a walker yet...but soon. I tried to catch her on video but of course she refuses to cooperate.

At least you can see what she looked like on the day she took her first steps. Isn't she a doll? I love her so much. She currently has one tooth and is clearly working on more. She was a horrible fussy mess today which is completely unlike her. I am sure she is in pain and that kills me. I hope it is all downhill from here. Hopefully it will be a quick process.
Liam has also had a big break through. Two weeks ago Liam completed four weeks of swim lessons. He went from crying about getting in the pool the first day, to being able to swim confidently the last day. I wouldn't say Liam is ready for the Olympics yet, but he is totally a different kid in the water. I am so proud of him! Everything was really put in perspective last week when Liam jumped off the diving board at our community pool! I think I about had a heart attack. Liam was insistent that he could and would do it. The life guards wouldn't allow me to be in the water for him to jump to. Nobody was allowed in the deep end. Liam had to jump off the 5 foot tall board into 11 feet of water and then swim about 15 feet to the side of the pool and get out on his own. HE DID IT!!!! Swim lessons were obviously worth every penny! Thanks Gigi! I am so happy that Liam will be able to fully enjoy his time in the water. I for one love the water. I love the ocean. I love to swim. I am so glad that Liam will be able to share this love with me. Unfortunately I am too afraid to take my good camera or Iphone too close to water so I don't have any documentation of Liam the fish. I do however have two stellar pictures of Liam that I think really document his personality.Liam watching T.V.

He told me he "plays better" when he wears his cape.
My kids are the best. I love them so dearly.

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  1. Nice post Tamara. I am so glad Liam can swim now. Sydney looks adorable.