Wednesday, August 10, 2011

From EVERY Angle

I was trying to find a recent, good picture of Sydney. One did not exist. It has recently occured to me that I used to have a lot more time. More time to take pictures. More time to blog obviously. I think I have about 10 million pictures of Liam before he was 1 years old. Poor second child of mine. To be fair, I recently got an iphone and find myself using it to take quit a few pictures. I guess once you have two kids running around, it just isnt as easy to pull out a huge SLR camera. Anyways, I immediatsly pulled out my camera and tried to snap some good ones of her. I needed one for her birthday party invitation. The photos insued...

I have since came to one conclusion. My daughter is beautiful from EVERY angle! I really should take more pictures!

1 comment:

  1. Tamara, those are great pictures of Sydney. It always happens that way. The second child, third and on down the line seem to have less and less pictures. So, keep up on clicking so you won't regret it later.