Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm back!

So if you don't personally know me you would probably think, judging from my lack of blogging, the my pregnancy killed me. Not so. I have survived! I am almost 19 weeks in and am finally getting some relief! THANK GOD!! I had no idea that pregnancy could be that tough! I have lost 15 pounds but have finally put 3 of those pounds back on. We recently found out that our new baby will be...A GIRL! I am so excited! I can't stop the urge to buy every hair bow, or hat with big flowers on them! Oh, the pink and purple! As of now, I think we are going to name her Sydney Hope Tobler. I am tickled pink! Liam...not so much. :) He isn't quite sure about having to share his parents, house, attention, or toys. He loves babies though, so I am sure he will come around! He is a loving kid with a great heart, so I have no doubt he will love her the minute he sets his eyes on her.
Obviously a lot has happened since my last blog other than the announcement of our daughter. Liam had a great 3rd birthday. His Aunt Laurie, Amy, and Grandpa Bill all came. He had a blast!! Yesterday was Easter. We went to the Cheney's house and had a grand time! They are so good to us! Liam LOVES to go to their house!
I have quite a few funny stories that I need to put on here about Liam but I have so many photos to post that am going to do that instead. Hopefully I will continue to feel this good and be able to post again soon.
Much Love.

The Fort Worth Zoo in January with Aunt Lisa, Aunt Kim, and Camryn...Mommy went too!

Bathtub colors with Daddy! They had a blast!Juice Mustache. Jan. 2010

Dinner with Uncle Jack. January 2010.

Winter Wonderland in Texas! February 2010. Record breaking snowfall! Liam LOVED it!

Liam wanted to spend his birthday afternoon at Cabelas. His buddy Maddox came too.

Birthday Dinner at Rainforest Cafe.

In March we took Liam to Thomas the Train in Grapevine. He had a great time!

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  1. Loved all of the pictures! Especially liked the zoo and party pictures. And how nice to see Jack!