Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I just had the funniest conversation with Liam EVER! He crawls up on to my lap and looks at my big belly. He gets a contemplative look and says:
"Mom, please don't go to the doctor anymore. Please! Please! Please! You tell that doctor that we don't want a baby sister! He needs to keep her!"
I laughed pretty hard. He seems to know that she is in my belly, yet he is pretty sure that Dr. Rost is in on it somehow and since begging me isn't working perhaps he can reason with Dr. Rost. Poor kid is about to be so shocked when she comes and never goes back to wherever it is he thinks she came from. I am sure he will come around. He stops every parent with an infant so that he can ask the babies name. I am sure she will turn out to be the love of his childhood.

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