Friday, June 25, 2010

9 weeks

Lately I have been a little distracted. Maybe it is the baby constantly moving inside of me? Maybe it is the challenging 3 year old that is constaly on me? Or perhaps it was the great visit I had with my family. Either way, I am way behind on posting and even taking pictures of my little man.
Playing his "nintendo".

Showing off his new Buzz Lightyear Swimsuit...
Bill making me jalepeno poppers...Sydney wanted them.

Multitasking...eating grapes while bathing.

As I type this Liam is destroying his playroom happily with his cousins. They are having a grand time. They are here until Sunday. Liam is going to be so sad to see them go. Then we are off to Hayward and then a few weeks later Mimi will be here and then...SYDNEY WILL BE HERE. You read that right. 9 weeks. 9 weeks until Liam will officially be a big brother. I know that is going to be here in a blink of an eye. I am so excited to see our children together, to know what Sydney looks like. On the other hand, 9 weeks left with just my Liam. We have had a great run though.


  1. Nice photos of Liam and how nice of Bill to cook for you.

  2. Hey I got him that "nintendo"! Awesome! Yeah Casey!!!!