Thursday, August 12, 2010

Books Aren't Just For Reading Anymore...

So the other night Liam was refusing to sleep in his bed. He has been obsessed with sleeping with us. This is a serious "No!" for me. I love Liam to death but he is a horrible bed buddy. He sleeps sideways and I always end up with a foot in my face. Anyways, I put him in his bed and told him that he better not come out of his room. I meant business and he knew it. He knew it...but he was mad. Screams ensued. I, in turn, walked into my room at the end of the hall and shut the door. I NEVER shut my door on him. This only made him madder. Screaming got louder, but he didn't dare come out of his room. A few minutes of Bill and I ignoring his pleas and cries went by and then it got quiet. I smiled a bit thinking that I had won the battle. THEN...BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!
Me: "What was that!?"
Bill: "I have no idea..."
I go to my bedroom door and open it, expecting to find that Liam has taken out a wall. This is what I found:

The brief silence when I smugly thought I had won the battle was really my stubborn son collecting "ammo" to throw at our door. I will give it to the kid though...he never left the room.

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