Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grandma Fetta

Today Grand Fetta came over. (Barb Cheney...get it? Fetta Cheney? It's a long standing joke.) We went to lunch at Cristinas. Yum-o! Liam and Camryn were both very well behaved minus a few loud screams here and there. It was really good to see Barb! To be honest, I am kinda sucking up because she just left and is going home to join this blog...so I know she is going to read this...but, I just wanted her and everybody else to know that we just love her! She is so special in my life and I have been so blessed to have them. They (the entire Cheney clan) are really genuinely good people. In this day and age, you just don't come across people like the Cheney Family that often. I love you Cheneys! Thank you for always being so good to me! Thank you for letting my lounge around your house and destroy the bedroom you gave me for my senior year of high school. Thank you for always making me feel included and welcomed at every holiday. And now, thank you for being fill in grandparents and now that I am older, my friends. I love you guys. (This is where everybody raises their glass to the Cheney family...)

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  1. Tamara, Great pictures and so many! I love the one where they are in the rocking chairs reading. Liam is such a cutie! Thanks for the kind words but you know we all feel the same way about you. I loved our visit today too.