Monday, March 16, 2009

Not nice MOO!!

Last Thursday Kim, Camryn, Liam and I went to Chick-fil-a for dinner. Liam was able for the first time to climb all the way up the play ground. He was so excited and was having a great time. A bit later, while the kids were playing, a guy came out dressed as a cow.(the mascot of Chick-fil-a.)Kim went and got Camryn. She thought it was pretty cool. I decided not to get Liam however. I had a feeling he might have thought it was a little scary...BOY WAS I RIGHT! A few minutes later, Liam began screaming and crying in hysterics. I squeezed myself up the play ground tunnels to get to him.(Not an easy task I might add!) I thought he was scared to come down. At this time the cow was clear on the other side of the restaurant. When I got to Liam and asked him what was wrong he began pathetically crying "NOT NICE MOO! NOT NICE MOO!". He had seen the cow from way up in the play tunnels! He was literally shaking. The ENTIRE restaurant went silent and starred straight at us. Although I was trying to comfort my obviously hysterically scared child, I was cracking up. We had to go into the parking lot and wait for the "not nice moo" to leave. IT WAS SO FUNNY!!! Poor kid was scared to death and his awful mom was couldn't stop herself from laughing! I really cant do this story any justice. You had to be there I guess. But lets just say, if you ever want to scare Liam...MOO!

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