Monday, March 9, 2009

Margret Ann Tobler...Gammie.

I'm very sad to have to say that Sunday morning Liam lost his great, great grandma. The title really was correct. She was GREAT, GREAT. The world was blessed to have had this wonderful woman for 98 years. She was truly a gem. I only had the pleasure of knowing her the 8 years that Bill and I have been together, and the best way I can think to say how I feel about her is that 8 years was not enough. She always told it like it was. She had such spunk that no matter what truth she was telling you, you had to smile. Keep in mind, when I met her she was already 90! I can only imagine Gammie in her younger days! I wish I had known her! Gammie was also incredibly sweet. She had a heart of gold and a great sense of humor. I can't do her character justice with words, so I will stop trying. We will forever miss and love our Gammie. I can only hope by some small miracle that Liam might keep a memory of her. I know I will never forget her! We love you Gam.

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