Friday, March 6, 2009

Top 10 things I miss/loved about Australia

Phillip Island Penguins...
Sushi Train, Bondi Junction.
Family in Australia. Liam is the baby...I wish I could visit more often!
View from Springbrook Mountain.

Mom, Me, Liam, and Phylene at Springbrook.
Bronte Beach, our home in Sydney.
Unfortunately for the people reading this blog only for Liam info, this has nothing to do with Liam...Hey, I'm a person too! (Not just a mom!) The title says is all...really in no order.

10. Living near the Ocean. The smell of the salty air. Walking on the shore right at sunset. The Australian coast in general.

9. Springbrook. I love that place! For those of you who don't know, its a little town on the tip top of a mountain on the Gold Coast. It's quaint, beautiful, and not touristy. I love it. O, and its almost always cold up there, which is pretty neat when you live on the coast.

8. Meat Pies. More specifically, Byron Bay pies. For all you Americans, this sounds yucky but they are amazing. Thai Chicken, Chicken Satay, Tuna Moray...Oh, they are so good!

7. Sushi Train!!! This place is just MARVELOUS! I have yet to find a place comparable to my beloved Sushi Train. Not only is it healthy but it is also delicious. That is almost an irony in The States. Oh, and its pretty cheap! Can't beat Sushi Train...Bill agrees with me. Our favorite restaurant anywhere, hands down.

6. Public Transport. Its everywhere and it too is marvelous! No need to drink and drive. No reason to get a DUI. (Shout out to a certain young lady! :> )

5. Phillip Island. I only went there once, and it was a short visit, but this place left an impression on me. I have crazy thoughts of running away and living on Phillip Island with a bunch of penguins. Katie...want to join me? Your brother thinks I am nuts...

4. Tea and Scones. They just don't offer that here like they do in Australia. It's not only elegant, but also fun, cozy, and yummy.

3. The public health care system. It should be free and offered everywhere. Money has no place in a persons medical choices. It is that simple. Australia was very good to my pregnant butt. I did not pay one medical bill and Liam was delivered healthy. (Although, I still wish they had either induced American doctor would have never allowed me to be tortured that long!)

2. Weekend markets! I love these! They are everywhere and full of all kind of interesting, artsy, and neat things. More specifically, I miss going to these with my mom. Sunday mornings just aren't the same without you and our coffee Mom.

1. Gambling. Although I was pregnant a good portion of my last "trip" there, I still enjoyed some good poker and black jack. (You will never get more looks than being HUGE pregnant and sitting at a bar playing poker. Thanks for sticking up for me Bill.) Gambling is really fun in moderation.

Obviously, I miss my family most of all. I didn't put you guys on the list because I figure, that goes with out saying that you guys are my number one.

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