Thursday, March 12, 2009

So I guess it is time...

This weekend I am going to go to my friend Luz's engagement party. I am way excited. It should really be fun. BUT...this will be the first time I have ever really left my son!! AHH! 2 years later, I guess its time. I have spent a night away once when I stayed at a friends after a few drinks...but that was only like 8 hours. This time its going to be an entire day and night. The party is in Athens, Texas, which is like 2 hours away near Tyler. Even though I am sure its going to be a great time, I am already nervous about leaving my baby. I guess I have to cut the cord eventually. I know Bill can handle it, and I am sure Liam won't mind...but me, I am not sure that I can handle it, and I KNOW I will mind. Even though Liam is 2, it still seems like I just had him. Yet, at the same time, I can hardly remember life without Liam. So I guess, the long and the short of it is...time flies and I guess Liam isn't a baby anymore. I know eventually he is going to grow up and leave me for some hussy...I better start getting used to it now. So wish me luck! And feel free to call and check on the boys this weekend! :)
PS- Tonnie...does this mean that I was the hussy in your nightmares?! HA! I guess what goes around, comes around.

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